The title of the book immediately grabbed my attention. The author believes a lot of men hide behind different masks of masculinity. As boys, they bought a false definition of a ‘real man’. He believes masculinity is a mirage.

Men do not always meet that false definition of a ‘real man’. So a lot of men pretend and hide behind those masks to appear as ‘real men’. He explained that men attach their self-worth to what they have. To what they do, to their possessions, their role in life, and their bank balance. Men need to understand that they are valuable regardless of what they have. We can never have ‘enough’. Our self-worth should come from our values and principles.

The masks rob men of the ability to be vulnerable and real. It prevents men from expressing their authenticity. Men need to remove these masks of masculinity so they can love, find purpose, be more and do more.

 He discussed the nine different masks of masculinity men hide behind in this book. He should have added the Mask of Religion. I like the fact that the author ended his discussion on each Mask by helping women understand their men. So, the book is for everyone.

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