8 lessons I learnt working on the Glory Dome Project for Dunamis International Gospel Centre.

1. Have A Big, Bold Vision.

You get in life what you have the courage to ask for. – Oprah Winfrey

We spent 4 years constructing the Glory Dome. During this period I had the privilege of worked closely with the Senior Pastor, Pastor (Dr) Paul Enenche as the project architect. He has absolute faith in God’s ability to fulfill His word. I came to the conclusion that your vision is a direct reflection of your self confidence and your faith or beliefs.

I have also noticed that people who focus only on solving their small personal problems may never be able to conceive big bold visions. The desire to solve a problem or problems of your community, ministry, state, sector, nation, continent and indeed the world is what inspires big bold visions. It is really about one’s mindset. The world is waiting for big bold dreamers. There are yet more problems to be solved. The world is waiting for you!

2. Build your Winning Team. “Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” – Steve Jobs

Great things in any area of life are never done by one person. Hence, you need to build your team and setup a structure for the successful execution of your vision. Determine those you need on your team and articulate their roles and responsibilities. Then go out and find them. Find people of like mind, people who believe in your vision a 100%, find intelligent people, find people you can trust. The wrong or weak team can delay or kill your vision. I have noticed that poverty is not only a lack of financial resources; it is mainly the isolation from the kind of people who could help you fulfill your vision.

The technical and finance teams were setup before the construction work of the Glory Dome commenced. Later on the building monitoring team was setup. The site and construction operations were well structured and that gave us speed.

Motivate your team and trust them to deliver. If you can get every member of your team to own the vision, they will give their all to make it succeed.

3. Strategic Planning “A goal without a plan is just a wish”

It is very important to hold strategic planning meetings with your team. Analyse opportunities and possible challenges to understand how a single action may impact on other things. This is to enable you take a holistic approach to solving the challenge at hand or taking a new opportunity. Plans may change, but keep the vision constant. We had to change our plans a couple of times, but the target (Vision) was never a topic for discussion.

Never be too busy to attend these strategic planning meetings. This is to avoid the team spending time to take decisions they can not execute because you do not like them.

We had constant strategic planning meetings with my senior Pastor. His commitment to these meetings and the project, inspired the team’s commitment. These meetings offer you the opportunity to bond and share your life with your team. My senior Pastor shared spiritual principles with us, but much more than that, we saw him live those principles.

4. Have A Sense Of Urgency “We do not have eternity to fulfill destiny” – Pastor (Dr) Paul Enenche

Do not camp at the planning stage. You have to take massive steps towards the attainment of your vision with a sense of urgency. Those who wait for perfection never move forward. It is good to count the cost and analyze the risk, but do not let fear paralyze you.

I’ve learnt that those who become outstanding in life are separated from the average at the stage of execution.

In one of our meetings before the commencement of the Glory Dome project, my Senior Pastor announced we will start and not stop work on the project until it is completed. We started and progressed with great speed without compromising the structural integrity, functionality and aesthetics of the building. He had decided ahead of time to overcome every obstacle that may come up, no matter what it was. At the time the foreign exchange rate tripled, and the country went into recession in 2016, with building materials tripling in price, we had gone very far into the project. Though the recession did not stop our work, we were glad we had progressed far into the project.

I have also come to the conclusion that today is the best time to start, for it may be harder to start tomorrow. #theglorydome

5. Fight Fearlessly For Your Vision “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face” – Mike Tyson

Great visions are born in the face of adversity and great challenges. Conditions will not always be perfect and straight forward.

Not everybody is going to love what you are trying accomplish. You have to be strong and fight for your vision, both in prayers and in taking the necessary steps to secure your vision.

Always get professional advice to enable you take informed decisions. Hire very good lawyers when the need arises.

They were many adversaries against the Glory Dome project. The interesting thing to me though, was the way my Senior Pastor handled them without a drop in enthusiasm or the evidence of fear.

I have come to the conclusion that there is an inner strength one must develop before the day of adversary. Develop that inner strength, it will make all the difference.

6. THE POWER OF A MENTOR “Someone whose hindsight can become your foresight”

A mentor has walked and is still walking the path you wish to walk. They have learnt valuable lessons from mistakes on their way to success you do not need to repeat.

In your search for a mentor, look for someone who has made it in the specific area you want help and guidance, look for someone who will have your best interest at heart, who will not be threatened by your results and growth.

I observed the relationship of my Senior Pastor with his mentor/spiritual father Bishop David Oyedepo over the period of the project. Bishop Oyedepo’s sincere and genuine interest in the Glory Dome Project was evident. He visited the site at different stages of the construction work and he offered my Senior Pastor valuable advice and prayers.

I have come to the conclusion that if you want to experience speed in your growth, get a mentor. I believe if you prove to be a loyal and faithful mentee, your mentor will share their network and platform with you.

7. Discipline “Don’t expect success where there is no discipline” – Grant Cardone

It is not possible to be successful in any endeavor if one is not discipline. It takes discipline to be consistent, to delay gratification, and to maintain a good work ethic. A lot of people want to be successful but are not willing, or ready to discipline themselves enough to do all it will take to reach their goal.

My Senior Pastor is very disciplined and regimented. His discipline in operating covenant principles of prosperity and his money discipline is outstanding. Not to mention his spiritual discipline and work ethic. No wonder we could build a multibillion Naira facility debt free like child’s play. Without a loan from any bank and no foreign aid.

I have come to the conclusion that personal discipline is a prerequisite to success, and the size of your vision dictates your level of discipline. You can not attain, or maintain an outstanding level of success without discipline.

8. Monitor Monitor Monitor “Do not expect what you do not inspect”

I first heard the quote; “Do not expect what you do not inspect” from Bishop David Oyedepo and it stuck with me. Your project or business should be important enough to you that you set out time to inspect every aspect of it daily. This is not the same as micro managing your team, but to ensure targets are being met, quality is ensured and a whole range of other things.

This is the only way to avoid surprises and to detect mistakes or wastage early, so you can address them immediately and decisively before they spread and destroy your hard work and investment.

My Senior Pastor visited the construction site and inspected every structure daily, except for the days he was out of town. That gave him a good understanding of the project. He asked questions to understand the principles behind the construction process. He was conversant with most of the dimensions and quantities.

I have learnt never to leave anything to chance or to assume things. I have learnt to check everything for myself.

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