The Mask of Masculinity

The title of the book immediately grabbed my attention. The author believes a lot of men hide behind different masks of masculinity. As boys, they bought a false definition of a ‘real man’. He believes masculinity is a mirage.

Smart Money Woman

The book is an interesting story about Zuri’s spending habits. Though she earned a good salary, she struggled with money-related issues. The book is a complete guide on how to take control of your finances.

As I read I thought of ways guys spend their money too..


The author shared her story of how she made money from doing what she loves and enjoys. She discovered she enjoys sharing her knowledge and showing people different business ideas or money-making opportunities.

Wise Women Invest In Real Estate
I got my copy of this book by Mrs. Udo Okonjo yesterday. I had preordered it online. I couldn’t wait to lay my hands on it. Once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down till I was done reading it.
Book cover-2
The 10X Rule
I read this book for the first time last year and i have just finished reading it again. It is an amazing book. A friend just got me another copy which I am giving out today.
10X Rule is the Holy Grail for those who desire..
Book cover-3
Blue Ocean Shift Beyond Competing

If you own a business or working in an organization that is competing in a crowded market space, which the author referred to as red ocean. And you want your business or organization to..

Cover page
The Force of Favor
The author explained how one can increase his or her level of favor by meeting the needs of others; sowing the seeds of favour as he puts it. Joseph enjoyed favour because he kept giving by using his skills (gifts) till it made room for him.
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Negotiating with Giants

love the author’s approach to the subject; he pointed out that the essence of negotiating is not to win or proof your better or smart. The essence is to understand your giant well enough to enable you get what you want from the negotiations.

office pool
Office Pool

This is a very creative story about a pen’s unlikely life journey on the desk. A story about Arthur and how he got picked by Todd Grady, a star Quarterback who was drafted as the 7th pick of the 20xx New English Patroller Selection.

Honey, Why are we Poor?

This amazing book makes for an interesting read. It follows Ezekiel and Soma’s journey to wealth creation. Indeed poverty has evolved.

Own Your Hustle Cover
Own Your Hustle

A masterpiece that centres around Tari’s life journey, her money, business and life decisions. Each chapter teaches life and business…

Thinking Strategically

This book covers all the basics about strategic thinking and more. The author suggests that strategic thinking should be an ongoing process and not an event.

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