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Pеtеr Alеоgеnа is an Architect and a professional copywriter who specializes in writing an in-depth blog post about Real Estate, Sustainable Construction, and Project Management or other related topics. He was also the рrоjесt architect оf the Glory Dоmе Prоjесt fоr Dunаmiѕ Intеrnаtiоnаl Gоѕреl Cеntrе.

Book Review

The title of the book immediately grabbed my attention. The author believes a lot of men hide behind different masks of masculinity. As boys, they bought a false definition of a ‘real man’. He believes masculinity is a mirage.

 Men do not always meet that false definition of a ‘real man’. So a lot of men pretend and hide behind those masks to appear as ‘real men’. He explained that men attach their self-worth to what they have.

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